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The first digital fashion discovery platform that brings the online display-model offline. CheckOut-Apps bridges the gap between online and offline shopping industries as a pioneer in optimizing the store display by reflection of the shoppers experience.

Today’s online retail sites have long been optimized based on vast data and algorithms, showing customers the items they want to see and are more likely to purchase at any given time of the day. Yet this smart online experience has not been transformed to real-life stores. While the way clothes are shown off inside a store directly affects conversion rates, the current in-store displays and mannequins are usually not even changed on a weekly basis, let alone updated in real time.

CheckOut is aiming to completely upgrade the offline retail experience by bringing old-fashioned shopping into the digital age. With in-store display screens, retailers can use CheckOut’s machine learning to change their display ads based on the time of day, the top-selling items of the moment online, or the customer’s in-store behavior, for example. In addition, the smart screens can display the relevant item in a specific area of the store based on the analyzed data.

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